Fairy Wood (Special Blend)- Esprit de la Nature


Fairy Wood (Special Blend)- Esprit de la Nature
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Fairy Wood 2018 - This, my friends, is very special, a sweet wild scent that I find so enchanting that it is hard for me let go of a single vial. Be-en-Foret has again created a blend of indescribable beauty and pure magick. Irresistible to Nature Spirits both human and Fey....

The enchanting fragrance of the Larch tree with Fairy Smoke Flower...

So sweet and delicate, a unique scent. Each Vial comes with a gift of Larch Wands, that burn like natural sparklers and release a light beautiful aroma! 



 All wild harvested Ingredients: Larch Wood, Larch Leaves, Larch Resin, Fairy Pipe Flower 

  This special blend of Fairy Wood brings together two of the most magickal and ethereal denizens of the forest; the sparkling and dancing larch tree (Larix larcina) and the pale and mysterious fairy smoke flower (Montropa uniflora).  It is always a special pleasure to have contact with these forest spirits.  Both of them are highly unusual and act as a reminder of the boundary between the worlds.

  Larch's soft, starry tuffs of needles are a delight to stoke.  The feeling is very similar to stroking a cat.  Their fragrance is jammy yet fruity, like a summer pear, and oh so light and elusive.  The larch tree is the only conifer to lose its needles in the fall.   Her needles turn a bright golden yellow after all the other deciduous trees have shed their autumn glory. She stands out in the stark late autumn forest like a shimmering light.

  The animist of Siberia venerate larch trees as home to forest spirits and attach precious objects to their branches.  People in the Nordic countries believe larch trees are a dancing and resting place for forest and mountain fairies.  In many Slavic counties, a freshly cut larch is beribboned and used as a Maypole.  Some North American First Nations carve larch branches and use them as walking sticks to remind them of humans' connection to all life.  Some people plait the long, willowy branches into coiled headdresses into which can be placed the first buds and flowers of spring.

  It is pure magick when I find fairy smoke flower growing in the forest. She shines out in the dark understory of the forest gloaming like a  firefly. She is a plant without chlorophyll.  She begins her life a waxy, pinkish white and ends it as the deepest shade of purple-black.  While alive, Fairy Smoke flowers smell of damp, forest humus and fungi but when she dies and dries she reveals herself as a member of rose tribe with a rose scent that marries perfectly with Larch.

 Fairy Smoke draws her life from the juncture between trees and the tree's symbiotic mushroom where the mycelium meets the rhizome, drawing off nutrients from mushroom and tree alike.  The juncture that is the nervous system of the forest so, it is not surprising that Fairy Smoke is a medicine most known for its action on the human nervous system, particularly the ways our bodies deal with sensory information. One of the gifts Fairy Smoke offers is its ability to keep us from being overwhelmed by pain.  A flower essence of Fairy Smoke is believed to expand awareness of the presence of universal love, seeing and feeling the love in every moment.

    The fragrances of larch and fairy smoke are ethereal and curious in their physical bodies but powerfully energetic in their spiritual and medicinal properties.  This combination of gentleness and strength serves to deepen my fascination with them.  Larch's fragrance surrounds a person with a high vibration field and facilitates out-of-body and lucid states. The scent of roses, like the scent of Fairy Smoke, are believed to have the highest vibration of any fragrance.  When doused this incense, exhibit a huge energy field with the pendulum swinging beyond the perimeter of the bowl.  An energy that speaks to the tales of these plants  as being intermediaries between the worlds. 


 American poet, Emily Dickinson, called Fairy Smoke “the preferred flower of life.” In a letter she wrote, “I still cherish the clutch with which I bore it from the ground when a wondering child, and unearthly booty, and maturity only enhances the mystery, never decreases it.”  She usually referred to the flower by one of its other common names "Indian Pipe" called do, because the shape of the unpollinated flower has the appearance of the calumet or peace pipe that was used by numerous Native American tribes in ceremonial friendship.  Emily Dickinson’s first book of poetry, published posthumously, has the flower on the cover. It was one of her favorite, if not very favorite, wild flower. Toward the end of her life, the wife of  Emily’s brother painted Emily a picture of these flowers and she wrote back her thanks, “That without suspecting it you should send me the preferred flower of life, seems almost supernatural, and the sweet glee that I felt at meeting it, I could confide to none” 


'Tis whiter than an Indian Pipe,

Tis dimmer than a lace,

No statue has it, like a Fog

When you approach the place.

Not any voice imply it here

or intimate it there,

A spirit-how doth it accost

What function hath the Air?

This limitless Hyperbole

Each one of us shall be

'Tis Drama- If Hypothesis It be not Tragedy.


The Magic of the Larch

  As much as the presence and fragrance of the Balsam Fir tree is powerful, masculine and regal, the Larch tree is powerful, feminine and playful.  Her fragrance is jammy yet fruity and oh so light and elusive.  Yet, the resin, wood and products from the still are extraordinarily energetic.  When doused the essential oil and hydrosol, as well as this incense, exhibit a huge energy field with the dousing pendulum swinging beyond the perimeter of the bowl.  The wood of larches are permeated with resin and prized as building material since it does not easily rot. The dried, young, twigs of larches are like magic sparklers when lit on fire.  The twigs crackle and spark with resin while emitting small puffs of fragrant smoke.

  It is not surprising that the fragrance of the larch tree stimulates the powers of renewal and helps free blocked energy.  She is the only conifer to loose its needles in the fall and when the radiant, star clusters of needles return in early spring, they are soft as feathers to touch and the whole tree vibrates in the sunlight. In the summer her soft presence dances at the slightest breeze.  In the late fall, after all the leaf trees have lost their leaves, her foliage turns into shimmering, golden, needles and lights up the forest in a final farewell.  She will pass the hard northern winter naked but with the strength and serenity of one who knows that even the hardest of times will change.


This price is for 9 pellets in a Glass Vial sealed with Bee's Wax and a packet of Faery Larch Wands



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