Aromatic Vaporizer Set - Complete


Aromatic Vaporizer Set  - Complete
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The Aromatic Vaporizer – the perfect personal delivery system for fine incense and Agarwood....Incense Alchemy at its finest

Never waste a scent molecule of Agar or Sandalwood again.This is a very clean and efficient way to enjoy incense plants, woods, powders, pressed incense  and resins. It takes only seconds for the fragrance to be “vaporized” and experienced. We think that this device will enrich and expand your understanding and appreciation of the path of natural incense and conserve your supply of precious aromatics and Agarwoods.

A new way to heat woods (or any type of incense) with absolute control, instantly. You can adjust the level of heat to release the perfect wisp of smoke and then instantly stop the heat when you choose. Use with plug-in adjustable Power Adapter (PA)  for everyday use or while on the road with rechargeable batteries. The whole unit fits in your pocket, use it anywhere.

The Aromatic Vaporizer is an amazing way to release the true scent of fine incense. It uses a new vaporizing heat technology that lets you to experience all the benefit and beauty of natural aromatic botanicals with just the perfect amount of heat .

If you are a serious incense connoisseur , do not waste precious expensive aromatics with overheating. Experience the latest in incense technology, the AV.

Spare parts and extra batteries are aalso available, just drop Katlyn a note to inquire about purchasing.


AV instructions #1

AV Instruction Video #2


Ways to enjoy the Aromatic Vaporizer:

 - One of the very best most economical ways to enjoy Agarwood!

 - Instant smudging, aromatherapy and aromatic first aid

 - Out in the wild...ever wonder what that plant or tree resin would  

   smell like as incense?  Try it on the spot.

 - Have an “Incense Ceremony” with friends. Share the

    mystery that rare botanicals can create

 - At work, take an olfactory break, great to have by

   the computer or work station as a “personal censer”

 - Perfect for travel, fits in your pocket

 - Create and test your own incense blends instantly

The 2017 AV Set includes:

- Aromatic Vaporizer

- Electric Power Adapter 3.0 with wall plug

- Cleaning brush and Tweezers

- Foil circles in protective container

- Metal travel box, lined with felt

- Two rechargeable Magic Flight Glyph batteries with Caps that

  have been engineered to meet the unique requirements for AV

- Super slim Ni-MH Qick Charger to recharge the batteries

- Complete instructions – Online Video available


How it Works - 

When the battery is engaged, the current races across the screen causing it to heat rapidly. The hot screen transfers heat to the material in contact with it, a process known as conduction heating. The AV also makes use of infrared heating (IR), which radiates outward from eachsurface of the trench forming a zone of criticality in themiddle of your incense material.

AV Box Set

Electric Power Adapter (PA)–

With the Electric Power Adapter the heat and power level is adjustable and there is no need to recharge or remove batteries, just push the button to start the heating processes and release to stop the heat instantly. 

AV PA set


Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

With the batteries you can carry the AV set in your pocket and enjoy fine incense anywhere without electricity.

Our smart Magic-Flight Battery Charger allows you to charge two NiMH AA batteries in only 4 hours. Your batteries are ready when the indicator light turns green, signaling full charge. It is adorned with the Magic-Flight glyph and fits perfectly into the AV Box Kit.

 AV Battery smoke



Created By Magic Flight
Made in US - Patent Pending 2009

From Katlyn on the AV:

Are you are an incense connoisseur and fanatic?  Then we have something very special for you. So many of us have we been searching for the best way to enjoy high quality incense botanicals and Agarwood,  looking for that perfect balance between heat, and control that gets the most out costly blends and rare woods .

If you understand this obsession  with the perfect delivery system then you should look into  the Aromatic Vaporizer (AV) from Mermade and Magic Flight. We believe this  the finest, state of the art method for the personal enjoyment of fine incense.

The AV makes it possible to just reach out push a button and have a plume of Agarwood rise to your senses. Let go, and the wisp of smoke stops completely, allowing you to enjoy a wood chip 2 or 3 times. You control the level of heat and amount of smoke you want. When you just need one whiff of some Agar to brighten the mind, or a breath of Sandal to open the heart, the AV delivers it instantly .You have the ability to enjoy as much or as little aroma as you desire.

We keep one by the bedside to use before retiring, there is no  need to worry about shutting off a heater or burning hot coals. Excellent at the work station to take an olfactory break and relieve stress. On a practical level, the AV is invaluable to my work.  I am able to test and enjoy incense blends and botanicals in the moment.

 The 2015 Aromatic Vaporizer (AV) has evolved from its 2009 prototype that was first developed for Mermade by Magic Flight. It is easier to use and more efficient. We believe that this device combines all the sought after elements incense collectors are looking for.

This is not for fumigating an entire home, it is for personal use with fine aromatics, allowing one to fully experience every scent molecule your incense has to offer. The process of Vaporization works so well with aromatics, releasing all the volatile essential oils without scorching or over heating and producing just the right amount of fragrant smoke.

Some may think that this technology lessens the ceremonial and meditative art of heating fine woods. Yet to honor the Agar by heating it properly, by releasing and appreciating its full aromatic potential, that also is an art. It is through consciousness, perception and practice of the incense lover that ritual is created.

In the world of vaporizers Magic Flight products are held in the utmost esteem and all their work has a lifetime guarantee, a thing that is rare these days. There is a limited supply iof AVs in stock and each an individual registration number imprinted on it .

They are made with love in San Diego, Cal. Out of  handcrafted Maple wood with  quality electronics and engineering.  Their business model is one of high integrity and sustainability, and they are an inspiration for the future.

I am very grateful to our dear friends at Magic Flight for having made the AV available to us .  We worked together on its inception and we hope you find it  a life long tool for the experience of incense.

I sincerely hope you will choose to explore this wonderful development in incense arts.

Blessings, Katlyn






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