Earth Church Incense Wands - Sweet Smudge


Earth Church Incense Wands - Sweet Smudge
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The return of a beloved favorite in a new form, Earth Church wands with a balsam/amber aromatic blend, Sweet Smudge.

An uplifting mixture featuring Sweet Grass, Sage ,Frankincense and Fir Balsam in a stick/wand form. They combine excellent aromatics and traditional blessing and smudging botanicals .

 A healing blend of traditional woods, resins, and herbs to be used for sacred work or just to enjoy the pleasing aroma. Earth Church wands are created to soothe, bless, and cleanse the body from unwanted energy and promote a calm clear atmosphere. They are also a beautiful way send up your prayers.

The original Earth Church Wands were developed by John Yagar of “Journey Scent” and Katlyn Breene of Mermade, a sacred incense to send prayers for peace and for the healing of ourselves and Mother Earth.

These new wands are created to honor John’s memory and his life's  work with natural incense and botanical conservation we are so happy to offer this tribute to his fine incense once again. 

Earth Church carefully made by hand by Areeya and Katlyn, they are a labor of love created with intention and prayer. They now contain the beauty of  “Liquid gold” Fir balsam resin, wildcrafted by our incense sister Be-en-foret. 

Carry these wands like a “spiritual first aid kit”.  Each vial of Earth church comes with a pocket carrier which holds and protects 3 wands so you can always have some with you where ever you travel. 

Also available at Mermade are Rosewood Wooden Pocket Incense carriers, they are lovely and functional for carrying any type of fine incense stick. 

Sweet Smudge Contains:

Sweet Grass, Palo Santo, White Sage, 

Powdered Eastern Thuja, White Cedar, and Fir Needles,

Fir Balsam Resin and Absolute,

Ledum, Frankincense, and Benzoin

 - 8 wands come in a beeswax sealed glass vial, with art card and pocket carrier.

When you purchase Earth Church a percentage of your money goes to support

Aromatic Botanical Conservation

Here was the original text from the Mermade website on John's first Earth Church Wands, you can sense the love and devotion that went into its creation:

“Let Earth be our Church, for all the land is sacred ”

Earth church incense was the result of a quest to create the perfect earth incense for prayer and smudging. An incense to represent the many sacred plant traditions of the Earth. All its ingredients are from sustainably harvested sources and their traditions are honored. Most of all we wanted it to smell beautiful clear and sweet , able to heal the heart .

 Earth church is our gift to the Earth and her children, a scented prayer for peace and healing.

 Its creation began when the crafters of natural incense, John and Maria Yagar of Journey scent and Katlyn Breene of Mermade met through their shared love of ceremonial incense and the realm of sacred plants. For over a year they worked, experimented and exchanged ideas on the making of a pure natural blend that not only made use powerful medicine plants but that also smelled sweet and beautiful. Each ingredient was carefully selected for its energy and traditional use for spiritual work, one from each part of the World. To make all these diverse botanicals merge into a harmonic blend was a great challenge. Earth church is an analogy of world peace, diversity can come together in beauty.

 Burn it as a meditation for peace and let the sacred smoke carry your prayers. Use it as a smudging incense for all occasions.

 It contains:

Poplar Buds (also known as Balm of Gilead) - Central Europe, Siberia, North America, Greece

An amber resin is extruded from the buds of the poplar tree, this is burned for abundance and protection in many traditions. Images of the Goddess were found carved in poplar wood in Siberia.

The oil used to anoint heroes and the leaves are “the Messengers of the Gods” Poplar buds are also sometimes added to flying ointments to promote astral travel. The Poplar is the sacred World Tree of Native traditions and also used in the Sun dance ceremony

 Fir Needles - Canada, British Columbia

 A tree of life....Burned to give access to wisdom, Sacred to Artemis. Shamans wove branches into headdresses and costumes; they also used branches for scrubbing before rites and rituals. They made branches into incense and decorative clothing for wolf dancers. 

 Port Orford Cedar - NorthWest America, Japan

 Port Orford Cedar, Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - This tree is a member of the cypress family, of which several species have a significant historical use for sacred rituals and ceremonies among various regions of the northern hemisphere. Mesopotamian stone tablets identify Italian cypress as an incense ingredient. We chose the false cypress, Port Orford cedar, for Earth Church, because of the wood's lovely scent, and for the trees historical sacred value. This tree's aromatic wood has been long valued by northern California and southwest Oregon coastal tribes. One tribe, in particular, the Hoopa Valley Tribe of northern California, considers the tree central to their ceremonial life, calling it "The Healer".*

 *Note that the wood we grind comes from a yard tree planted by homesteaders that was felled by neighbors to give more sunlight to a new orchard.

 Juniper - South and SouthWest America, Central Europe, Himalayas, 

 Juniper was included in the blend because of its wide distribution and universal traditional use for cleansing, purification, and protection in the north temperate regions of globe. Juniper traditionally and continues to be one of the fundamental Native American and Pagan European smudge plants, and branch tips and wood are the number one Himalaya traditional shamanic incense.

 Oman Frankincense - Middle east

 The holiest of incense resins used throughout the world for worship, inspiration and purification, Omani Frankincense is some of the highest quality obtainable . Frankincense is said to actually affect the brain in a positive way and its continual use in churches and places of worship affirms its uplifting qualities. 

 Pine Resin - Grows Worldwide 

 Pine is known as “The tree of Immortality” . When used as incense it promotes a pure clear space and a blessing of fertility. In the ancient Near East it was known as the World Tree “Great Mother”.

 Salupati or “Sal” (shorea Robusta) - India, Himalayas

 “the deliverer of intoxicating resin” Salupati is a resin from the tropical Sal tree (Shorea Robusta) The Sal tree is an object of worship among Buddhists and Hindus in India and the adjoining countries. This Tree is considered sacred because of its characteristics. It is nearly indestructible, attains a great stature and produces copious amounts of resin by the scaring the bark. It used by shamans as a traveling agent for its psychoactive properties. The resin, when placed on coals, gives forth billows of white smoke. Many shamans enter deep trances through this incense and all in its presence are uplifted

 Bay Laurel - Mediterranean 

 The famed herb of the Oracle at Delphi. Long used as a sweet aromatic herb and worn as head wreaths for weddings and given as symbols of victory. 

 Cedar - Grows Worldwide 

 The fabled Cedars of Lebanon were the most sacred wood of the ancient world. Cedar is “the tree of cleansing smoke” and its name thuja means in Greek to “fumigate or to make sacred” . It is one of the Nine Sacred Woods of the Celts. The needles are used as protective and blessing incense and are tied in smudge bundles by Native Americans. 

 Labdanum (Rock Rose) - Mediterranean, Egypt, Spain

 A deeply fragrant resin comes from the leaves of this plant, it has been used since antiquity for holy incense . 

 Ylang Ylang - Madagascar, Polynesia, Indonesia, Philipines

 The oil comes from the flowers of a ylang-ylang tree or, cananga odorata, and has had many uses in different cultures over the centuries. In many places today, ylang-ylang is symbolic of sensual pleasure and seduction. The Philippine origin of the word comes from alang ilang, which means "flowers that flutter in the wind." People have used ylang ylang in a variety of ways throughout history. Muslim women would burn the oil to scent their harems, In China the fragrance was used to purify the robes of the mandarin In Indonesia there is an ancient tradition that continues today of spreading the ylang ylang flowers across the beds of newlywed couples.





When you purchase Earth Church your money goes to support
Aromatic Botanical Conservation

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