Abramelin - The classic ceremonial incense


Abramelin - The classic ceremonial incense
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This magickal incense blend was consciously created with high spiritual intent and with the finest ingredients. The formula was meditated upon and carefully researched and packaged with great care.

It is packed in a gold tin which holds .5 oz  of the coarse loose powdered incense, Then topped with the Alchemical figure  "Ora et Labora",  work and pray. 

The bottom has a seal with Sigillum Dei Aemeth on it. 

Abramelin incense and oil was traditionally used in blessing and consecrating, tantric and Thelemic temple work, magickal evocation, and seeking conversation with one’s Holy Guardian Angel.

It is simply a superb incense to use in any type spiritual work.

This is a classic formula, that I have created not only to  evoke but to  achieve  an aromatically pleasing atmosphere.The combined scent is most pleasing to all the senses. 

 I have blended this batch with these proportions:

 - 1 part Mixed Frankincense (Oman)

Magickal Work - the discipline and the Wand

  - 1 part  Storax  (styrax, Liquidambar) Bark blend with Resin of Styrax and  Galbanum. 

Magickal Work - the labor of preparation

Magickal Work - the dagger or fan

 - .25 part Agarwood powder and ground chips (Vietnam)Agarwood (Called lignum Aloes) and Frankincense seem to be included in all versions of this magickal incense. The ingredients create together a special synergy.

Magickal Work - the arrow , the swift and straight application of force 

The process:

The Storax bark was ground carefully with the rich Liquidambar resin and the Galbanum resin, the scent is sweet and elevated, the resins used are the finest and cleanest available. This mixture is so powerfully beautiful it is hard to define.

 Powdered Agarwood and Thai  Agar sticks were pulsed together to a fine powder

 This Agar wood mix was placed in a “bath“ of Ensar Oud in highest proof distilled Honey Alcohol,  “marinated” for the space of a Moon to absorb the more intense oud notes

 When all elements were complete they were mixed together with the fine ground Frankincense Blend. 

The resulting incense is exquisite and holy. A small pinch on the heater or on charcoal is perfect for temple workings. I am very pleased and moved by this batch of Abramelin Incense. 

This price is for a half .oz  of loose blend in a gold tin

 Quote from Marcus Katz (“After the Angel”) :

There are variations in the recipes for the incense and oil used in the

Abramelin ritual. I suggest using the one which makes most sense to you

and then experimenting. In fact, there is a secret hidden within the

incense ingredients, which is that by correspondence they reveal much of

the namre of the Operation itself Every part of the Abramelin is

interhnked, nothing is given without reason. This is indeed a great magick.

As an aside, one of the interests that I pursued after the Angel was the

smdy and practice of incense-making. I would highly recommend the

incense of Katlyn Breene; http: / /www.mermadearts.com.


Sources for the formula:

 - In the Key of Solomon (Book II, chapter X in Mathers' edition) the perfumes inscribed are incense ( frankincense), (lignum) aloes, nutmeg, gum Benjamin (storax), musk, and "other fragrant spices"

 - In the Key of Knowledge (an English 16th century version of the Key of Solomon, Book II, chapter XVIII) suffumigations are made with frankincense, lignum aloes, myrrh, but one can use other spices as well.

 - In Grimorium Verum the perfumes inscribed are lignum aloes, frankincense and mace.

 - In "The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage",  edited by Macgregor Mathers in 1898, it contains a magical operation in order to achieve the "Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel". In Book II, chapter 11, there is a detailed preparation of the proper incense:

"The perfume shall be made thus: Take of incense (frankincense) in tears one part; of stacte* (Mathers mentions: "or storax"**) half a part; of lignum aloes (Agarwood) a quarter of a part and not being able to get this wood you shall take that of cedar, or of rose, or of citron, or any other odoriferous wood. You shall reduce all these ingredients into a very fine powder, mix them well together; and keep the same in a box or other convenient vessel".


To burn:

To use this ceremonial incense place a pinch or two on a quality charcoal. Be sure that a good layer of ash has formed over it to reduce the heat. It will give forth a good amount of fragrant smoke.

This blend is truly excellent when heated on an Electric Heater as well.

It is advised to recite a short prayer over the incense before use. This prayer is addressed to God in order to bless and cleanse the incense from evil spirits. In some cases the incense has to be sprinkled with holy water also, and even the fire (on which the incense is burnt) has to be blessed and cleansed with a similar prayer.


From Mike At ORS:

For example, check out the amount of research and information provided by Mermade on their newly created version of the legendary Abramelin ceremonial incense blend. This is a historically documented incense associated with the occult work, "The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage," a guide written to teach a student how to converse with their holy guardian angel and largely associated with Aleister Crowley's philosophy of Thelema. Of course much has been written elsewhere on this subject and so we'll stick to the incense itself. Katlyn has chosen to create this incense with one part green frankincense, a half part mix of galbanum and storax and a quarter part aloeswood powder. While this seems like a simple recipe the quality of ingredients can have a massive effect on what the final product will smell like and this is I'm sure the first of its kind used with the powerful and lime-like green frankincense. I know this isn't Katlyn's first attempt at such an incense and different attempts and styles can make them all quite different from another. This work has a maturity that has allowed for quite a bit of subtlety most of which seems to float around the beautiful and heady myrrh and storax combination in the middle. The frankincense is definitely powerful in this but once heating gets underway all of the parts merge very nicely together with the aloeswood providing a subtle and more fleeting sort of presence. I also love the color of this incense, it tends to a lovely golden like shade which reflects rather perfectly with the intent behind the incense. One wonders if the original creators behind the incense ever envisioned or formulated the incense with such fine ingredients.



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