Indigo Dream- Esprit de la Nature


Indigo Dream- Esprit de la Nature
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A lovely relaxing blend in round and perfect pellet form. It has  an undefinable sweetness , could it be Be's Bee magick? With the wonderful hashish like scent of Ledum and soothing Lavendar, many layers unfold upon the heater to great effect. These are made with the care of true medicine woman.

- Katlyn

The purple haze of the lavender plants fill the eyes and the nose in high summer. As soon as the long stems start to blossom, their indigo flowers and silvery-green foliage, are alive with feeding bees. The intoxicating fragrance, the harmonic hum of the bees and the early morning heat combine to put me in a waking dream state as I harvest lavender high in the mountains.  Nearby, the poplar trees leaves shimmer and quake at the slight breeze. Their movements seem to indicate the presence of the spirit world. The honeyed smell of the beehives sweetens the moment of this indigo dream.   

This incense is made with high altitude, hand harvested lavender.   Combined with the Lavender is honey bee propolis and poplar buds, an ingredient long used by peoples around the world in dream work and to promote sleep.   A touch of the sweetest and softest cinnamon from Ceylon adds to the sense of comfort and well-being.  All these dream plants are bound together with both dark frankincense from the Mountains of the Moon and honey infused with lavender.  The incense is then aged and, when ready, rolled into small orbs which are enrobed in a dusting of the magickal Ledum, long used by shamans for dream work. Be on the look out for Ledum's etheric sweetness at the beginning of the dream inducing, scent  journey.    


Ingredients:  The plants used in this blend induce a healing and anxiety relieving sleep.  They gently stir the unconscious and the dream world as opposed to the plants of the Solanceae family (Henbane, Datura, Belladonna, Mandrake) and from the watery places (Myrica gale, Ledum, Lotus) which plunge the dreamer into an active dream state.  This healing, anxiety reducing, dream state is part of this blend's plants function in the ecological system of Gaia.

Lavender Flowers from my Garden

Lavender flourish best in windswept lonely places high in the mountains or along the seacoast.  Growing in sandy, poor soils under a blazing sun she soothes and protects the land and it's occupants.  In the same way she soothes peoples bodies and souls by treating wind and sun burns, anxiety, headaches, insomnia and depression. Lavender's folk names, Elf Leaf, speaks to her ability to help us see into the other worlds. Druids carried her to help contact the spirit world and to protect themselves against the evil eye while in the ancient Tantric traditions, lavender was used to help open the crown charka, the gateway between one's self and higher consciousness.


Poplar Buds consciously wild harvested

Wherever the land has been devastated through practices like mining and clear cutting, you will find Poplar trees bringing the dreaming back to the land.  They heal the skin of the earth and help relieve the pain of the ecosystem.   In the same way, medicine from poplars heal the aches and pains of people  Working together in colonies, Poplar trees reach into the earth with their roots and call the mycelium network to reform. At the same time, they reach with their branches to the sky and call to the bees and other insects with their resinous buds and pollen filled catkins.  The resin coats and protects their tender buds, like a wool coat, during the winter.   Honeybees, solitary bees and ants gather the resin from the buds in Spring to help make their nests tight and clean. The fragrance of the resin coated buds is deeply balsamic, winey, sweetly resinous, with a deep sweetness at the heart - it stirs the soul. In medieval Europe, poplar buds were used in anointing oils for dreaming  rituals, while in North America, the indigenous people used the buds in healing and have long believed the trees vibrate in connection with spirit world.


Propolis from organic, local beehives

 Honey bees make a glue called propolis from poplar buds and other tree resins that they use to line the inside of their hives and embalm intruders.  The fragrance of propolis is like warm honey and spring flowers with a hint of musk  Propolis has impressive healing properties for people.  It is anti-microbial, anti fungal, ant-inflammatory and anti-cancerogenic.


Black Frankincense from Oman

  This is Mermade's own Black Frankincense from Oman's Mountains of the Moon.  Like lavender it comes from a  high, dry, rocky environment.  It has similar healing properties to Lavender. It soothes mental and physical pains and is anti-microbial.  The two fragrances meld together in a luscious, healing dance.


Sweet Cinnamon certified organic

  Cinnamomum zeylanicum is warm, soft, sensuous and sweet.  She is much gentler than what we in North America know as cinnamon: Cinnamomum Cassia. Like Lavender and poplar she is anti-microbial and relieves tension and headaches. She has been used in incense blends for thousands of years to bring just the right touch of sensuality and relaxation.


Ledum consciously wildcrafted

  Ledum or Labrador Tea (Ledum/Rhododendron groenlandicum) grows in the swampy, liminal places between water and land.  She has direct access to the metaphysical background of Gaia and has been used as a plant to aid sleeping and dreaming for thousands of years.



Esprit de la Nature – encens ecologique

 Very special herb and resin incense blends featuring the fresh scent of natural Fir Balsam Resin.

 We are honored to able offer this wonderful line of incense wildcrafted in the fragrant forests of Quebec. These blends are consciously crafted by our friend and renaissance woman of the wilds, Bonnie Kerr, “Be-en-Foret” . The botanicals used are carefully harvested on her land where she stewards Terre a Terre a permaculture farm and eco-learning retreat, completely off the grid. 

 Most of her blends contain beautiful Fir Balsam resin , which she gathers herself from her beloved woods. It is a rare treat to be able to experience an incense so lovingly made and close to earth.

 These are aromatic treasures, with a scent beyond words. Transporting one to a remote and pristine forest.  In the tradition of Earth Church … aromatic excellence and green alchemy.

 We know you will be deeply moved by the magick of this fine incense and fall in love with them as we have…







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