Sweet Medicine


Sweet Medicine
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Back at last, fragrant favorite!

A blend very close to my heart. I think you will sense the love that went into its creation.

It was made in collaboration with two of my “incense medicine” sisters,  Be-en-foret and Jessica Ring. It contains very special and unique fragrant botanicals that come together in an incense combination never before experienced.

 It is called “sweet medicine” because its two main ingredients are Sweet Grass and Poplar, both of which are traditional healing and blessing plants. I have also added the richness of Propolis that adds a bee-like animalic amber scent that is really perfect touch. They overall effect is very honey-like.


Sweet Grass (ground fine, not easy to do:)

Propolis Mellifera (a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used to seal the hive)

Poplar buds and essential oil

Black and Honey Oman Frankincense

Palo Santo ground with Labdanum 



 The sweet grass brings a natural vanilla Coumarin sweetness that can be described as new mown hay. Sweet grass was, and is, very widely used by north American indigenous peoples. It is one of the "four sacred medicines", the other three being cedar, sage, and tobacco. In Native American spirituality sweet grass is the sacred hair of Mother Earth; its sweet aroma reminding native people of the gentleness, love and kindness she has for them.

 The balsamic poplar used, also known as Balm of Gilead, is from two different types of trees, The tiny buds are from the northern forests of Canada (Populus tremuloides ) and the oil of  Black Poplar which is artisan distilled in Oregon. Both are harvested and made with great care, poplar buds are not easy to gather by hand in abundance.

 Jessica says it best when describing her Black Poplar and it fits the incense perfectly:

 Smelling of beeswax, honey, green spring growth, vanilla, spices, and sun-warmed earth. Sweet and healing 

 These are held in a blend of  our wonderful Black and Honey Oman Frankincense , warm woody Palo Santo, and Rhododendron from Nepal, again traditional healers with delightful aromas.

 To complete this wild golden blend I used Labdanum Absolute and Ground Benzoin.

 Mermade tries to bring together the best of diverse traditions to create cross cultural incense blends for mind, body and spirit.


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