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Body Incense Oils and Natural Perfumes

"Body Incense" All Natural Perfumes and Oils by Katlyn
A little bit of something precious...

My line of "Body Incense"  are deeply fragrant essential oil perfumes that have incense notes as a base. Resonating with Frankincense and rich Labdanum , the resins and woods carry the heart notes that reflect the moods and formulas of our incense. They are blended in a base of pure Fractionated Coconut Oil  that has amazing fixative and preservative properties, and is good for the skin. The perfumes are blended in the tradtional manner in the highest quality Organic Perfumers Alcohol. We hope that if you like Mermade incense you will try these oils and wear them as living incense for the skin. Apply on pulse points, to hair or clothing -  let your skins warmth release the fragrant experience.

These are creations are to be shared as an olfactory experience, not an all day event. When you pass a flower the scent is given for a time and then gently departs, as do all fine epemeral gifts of nature to the senses.

They contain  the very finest  and most unique essences I can find - created with art and made with love . Containing only the best quality Essential oils, and Absolutes with absolutely no synthetic fragrances

Natural perfume is uniquely beautiful on each one who wears it. They evolve on the skin,  they develop and change with time and body chemistry. Their inspiration is subtle and ephemeral.  They are not to be judged by just sniffing the bottle,  These scents are an experience, their aroma can transport and enchant the wearer and those close to them.
 Natural perfumes retain their natural colors and  "the numinous essence" -  the vitality -  of the flowers and plants they come from. They are filled with life .....

Please note that all Mermade fragrances are created in limited editions.