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“The Utopian Dream Collection”

    This has been a long time coming, and I’m super happy with how these 5 formulas turned out.  I spent eight dedicated months working on this collection, and the blends are all further developments of existing unreleased formulas that I had made over the years.  Some of them I’d been refining intermittently before the eight month focused period.  In some cases these wound up as quite different incenses from the originals.


      These are luxury and what I call super-luxury grade Japanese style incenses, made from the finest small-batch agarwoods, sandalwoods, animalics (musk, ambergris, operculum of sea snail, etc), essential oils, resins, spices, and herbs that I have sourced over the years.  These sticks are intended for times when you can really devote your full or mostly-full attention to them, to be delightfully captivated by a sumptuous olfactory experience.  I usually only burn ¼ to ½ stick of these at a time..


   Check out my Instagram at for some videos/reels where I talk about these incenses, Dimension 5, and the collection as a whole.  Snack-sized bites of incense entertainment!