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Burning Frankincense


We highly recommend heating Frankincense with the Golden Lotus Electric Incense heater.

Using Charcoal

 Prepare a censer or fireproof dish, we have several types available at Mermade that we have found to work the best. Adding sand or white ash to the censer is a good idea. It absorbs heat from the censer and lets air under the charcoal for better burning. Or use a resin censer which has a screen on top to let the ashes fall through in to the censer bowl. Frankincense is one incense that burns very well on charcoal and the smoke itself is very intoxicating. (See Basic Method Article) Try to use a high quality charcoal disk or tablet like the chemical free bamboo tablets from Japan or the quick light type used for Hookahs which which light very cleanly. In the middle east coals are taken right from the home’s hearth are used. Types like Three Kings (from church and occult supply stores) have the highest chemical content. 

To light the charcoal use pinchers or tongs, chopsticks (wood or metal) work very well for this. Hold it over a candle flame turning it gently until it begins to glow around the edges. then place it in your censer and wait until it has a white ash coating evenly over its surface.

When coal is lit completely apply frankincense, on charcoal most of the scent will be dispersed in the first minute or two, depending on the heat. That is why using foils with the charcoal is good idea. For when the scent of the incense is spent you can simply lift it off the hot coal . 

We like to have a special place in our home for burning incense a “scented altar” where all the supplies are containers are kept. Make the lighting of incense a daily ritual and it will continually bless and uplift the atmosphere of your home. 

When the charcoal is ready (in about 5-10 minutes) sprinkle the frankincense directly on the coal or use a piece ofthin foil on top of the charcoal to let the resin burn more slowly - OR  tyr the salt method:

Since we found the Golden Lotus Heater I seldom use charcoal disks anymore...but here is an idea for those times (like outdoors) when you want to burn fine incense on a self igniting charcoal "cup". You know the ones like 3 Kings or our Golden style.  This will keep the scorching down and allow more aroma from your resins and blends.  

- light charcoal (those "wind resistant" BBQ lighters work Great) 

- Place disk on bed of sand or ash in censer (ash for faster lighting) or use a special resin censer with a screen (as pictured below,  Mermade Resin Censer Set 

- Wait until charcoal is fully lit and covered with white ash (be patient) 

- pour salt into the Charcoal "cup", filling it - be sire to use table salt, course sea salt can have too much moisture still in it and cause "spitting"

 - place incense upon the mound of salt which will act as partial insulation from the direct heat of the coal. 

....then let the wonderful scent arise. 

Hougary comes in large roundish hunks or tears and we recommended that you  breakup the larger tears slightly just before burning to allow it burn evenly and disperse its scent quickly. A Mortar and Pestle works well for this.Though you can place a whole tear on an electric  heater, charcoal, incense stove or candle heater and it will slowly  release its heavenly scent.

Also see our new idea, the Incense Charcoal Tripod. For the full instructions and to order go here,

The Incense Tripod

Electric Incense Heaters
Electric heaters are now available at a reasonable price and are highly recommended for getting the most from fine natural incense of all types. It is especially desirable to use with delicate woods, fine resinsand botanicals. The heater allows them to release their essential oils before combustion. Many things that are not very aromatic when burned on charcoal have a lovely aroma on a heater. Resins are warmed slowly and a richer scent will be exuded for a longer period of time. Although with some incense botanicals smoke is desired , with many, smoke means the end of the release of the essential oils that carry all the fragrance. So if you want the most from your incense material use a temperature controlled electric heater. 

Golden Lotus Electric Incense Heater


This article was published on Thursday 29 March, 2012.