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Using the Tripod for Incense Charcoal

Fine incense needs gentle heat to share its true scent. There are several ways to do this such as the Kodo Japanese method and also the  Electric Incense Heater. Here is another way to heat fine incense woods and resins using charcoal, foil and a small circular wrought iron frame, we call a Charcoal Tripod. This method works extremely well for Mermade Kyphi , resins, and blends. It makes it possible to take fine incense anywhere.

  To use the Tripod wrap it with a piece of foil and place it over the charcoal disk or tablet. This keeps it slightly elevated above the coal and the direct heat. You will be surprised at the difference a tiny space between the coal and the incense can make.


Basic instructions:


 - Place sand and/or Ash in your censer or incense bowl. We recommend using sand on the bottom and then a layer of ash on top of the sand

 - Light charcoal, we recommend  doing this in a resin censer with a screen on it, but it can be done in one censer/bowl

 - Wrap the circle of the Tripod with a piece of foil 

 - It helps to punch a few holes in the foil  with a pin to let the coal breathe, 

- Be sure that the charcoal is lit completely before placing the Tripod, this is very important. Placing too soon can extinguish the coal.

 - Position the lit coal in your censer/bowl 

 - Place the Tripod over the coal so there is just a tiny bit space between the coal and foil

  - Now you may place your incense on the foil. It may take a minute for it to begin to heat and release its scent. Kyphi will melt and then bubble slightly

 - If you think more heat is needed simply push the Tripod down a bit with incense tool or tongs

 - When you think the incense is complete, and the level of scent is achieved, lift the Tripod off the coal with your tongs, but usually, the coal and the incense will expire together. 



This article was published on Tuesday 08 January 2013.