Mermade Mists

Just Shake and Spray...

Mermade Mists - To give a burst of light pure scent... only the very finest and most unique Essential Oils are imbued in distilled Water to create these aromatic mists. When unable to burn incense use these elegant mists to elevate and create the perfect mood. 

I only use my very favorite essential oils and absolutes in these mists, ones that need to smelled in their purest lightest form. Even for those who do not like to use perfume, just one spritz brings a moment of delight and olfactory joy.

My day always starts with Frankincense Mist and ends with Jasmine.

To enjoy these delicate scents just spritz around head and heart 3 or 4 times, inhale and feel the meaning aromatherapy....

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 Mermade "Moon Mist" - Jasmine /Frankincense   Mermade "Moon Mist" - Jasmine /Frankincense   $15.00  Buy Now 
 Mermade Mist - "Cool and Clear"   Mermade Mist - "Cool and Clear"   $13.50  Buy Now 
 Mermade Mist - Frankincense / Palo Santo   Mermade Mist - Frankincense / Palo Santo   $13.50  Buy Now 
 Mermade Mist - Frankincense Rose   Mermade Mist - Frankincense Rose   $16.00  Buy Now 
 Mermade Mist - Omani Frankincense   Mermade Mist - Omani Frankincense   $13.75  Buy Now 
 Mist of Avalon - with Fir Balsam Resin   Mist of Avalon - with Fir Balsam Resin   $16.00  Buy Now 
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