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Division by Zero - Dimension5

  • Top-of-the-line fine stick incense
  • Artisan crafted by Josh Matthews in America
  • The very finest ingredients available

These are honestly some of the most complex, deluxe sticks of incense you can buy. I really feel like I could burn another dozen sticks before really feeling like I’ve listened closely enough because not only are the incenses complex in their compounds but each ingredient is as well. At times it can be bewildering just to catch everything spiraling out from the smoke.  - Mike at ORS


Truly excellent incense refined in form and aroma. Josh's incense are a rare and wonderful gift for incense connoisseurs.  - Katlyn



A delightful agarwood, sandalwood and spices blend.  Some oil work.  I enjoyed this one for quite a few years before deciding it could be better, that the woods could sing a little louder while still getting that delicious sandalwood and spice blast.


Vietnamese agarwood

Mysore sandalwood




This price is for a sample size tube of 5 sticks


Check out Dimension 5 on Instagram at for some videos/reels where Josh talks about these incenses, Dimension 5, and the collection as a whole.


If you are interested in buying full-size tubes of these fascinating incenses please contact Josh at



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