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Kyara, Minorien Fu-in - Sample tube


Simply said, a "must try" for those wishing to experience Kyara in a stick form....

From ORS:

Minorien have joined a select number of companies releasing a high end kyara incense and it’s the triumph of their line.Fu-in Kyara

  is a dry, floral kyara unlike any other, the logical extension of Minorien’s aloeswood-based incenses. You only get hints of this from the Fu-in Kyara incense, which was an incense that seemed a refinement on their Fu-in Aloeswood. This is more than a refinement of the Fu-in Kyara, it’s a move to a more floral aroma than the rest of their incenses, an aspect that seems to come from the quality of the wood. The first time I sampled this, I was thinking the incense had the really dry qualities of all the Minoriens but more deluxe. Thereafter, the presence of this stick was like a garden of black blossoms at midnight, evoking my imagination to even encompass the sheer decadence of this incense. One gets the impression this is going to sit right next to classics like Sho-Ran-Ko, Enkuu, Myo-ho or Koh Shi Boku as one of the truly premiere incenses. I get the impression that I’ve only just begun to explore this one and will be doing so for a long while.

Fu-in® is a Registered US Trademark of Minorien. Registered 77/280,250, USPTO. Previously, Minorien uses the trademark (™) "Fuuin" or "Fu-uin" for their incense. Fu-in is pronounced "foo-in" in Japanese, and means "wind afterglow" or "wind traces" referring to the soft essence you feel after "listening" to the scent of any of the Fu-in lines of incense. 


This price is for 6 sticks in a sample tube

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