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Ranjatai - Shunkohdo Agarwood Sample


I like my oud sweet and fruity and my agarwood incense dark and woody. This blend is one of my favorites for a classic well balanced Agar aroma. It has that addictive true agarwood scent that sends us all searching for the perfect stick. Terms like smokey, salty and bitter do apply, but in the descriptive terms of wood fragrance, these qualities are what we look for in a precious wood blend. It is wood forward, deep and luscious.

It is blends like this that motivate me to sell I can afford to buy more...

This  price is for 5 sticks in a sample tube

From Mike at ORS:

Shunkodo Ranjatai a deluxe exported line and will cost you a pretty penny. This incense tends to the aristocratic, bitter, heavily woody side of aloeswood, which initially made me compare it with Minorien’s Aloeswood incense, but Ranjatai is much more complex and is about as deep as the company claims. I’m still, after months of burning this, catching wafts I hadn’t before, some deeply musky, the occasional spice and that sort of wide range really good aloeswood has. 



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