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Black Wood - Fine Agarwood and Oud Melange

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Dark, shadowed, and deep in the woods…


Black Wood is the next evolution in our fine Agarwood blends.


We blended the finest Agarwood Oud Oil and Cultivated Thai Agarwood,  with hints of midnight roots, and resins. Black Wood delivers a potent pure hit of Oud with elegant woody notes of fine Agarwood and Haitian Vetiver root.


This blend came together beautifully and the earthy oud-ness lingers for hours. It sets a very sensual and mysterious mood.


Our Oud (Agarwood oil) is from Rising Phoenix and Ensar Oud.


Black Wood comes with 5 Mica sheets, a serving spoon, and instructions for using them to burn Agarwood in the traditional manner


This price is for 6.5 Grams, enough for many servings!


It was created to be burned on the Golden Lotus heater at about a 250-300 temp setting.




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