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Dark Forest - Green Earth Blend


Into the verdant shadows of a deep forgotten wood,

Down the Forest Path, Past the Elven gates, Veer a bit to the left and enter the Dark Forest...

Inspired by Tolkien, an incense of the mysterious and shady places of lore.

This is a scent with the rich earthiness of a shadowed wood and forest floor, blended with subtle green top notes and a resinous incense base. Many wildcrafted trees are present in their forms of essential oil and herbal tips.  Fresh vetiver roots add that gnarled and terrestrial smell of tranquility.

Rich, deep, wonderfully occult and slightly sinister ....


 - Black Frankincense

 - Fir Balsam Resin

 - A bit of Myrrh and dark Copal

 - Juniper herb and essential oil

 - Evergreen Absolutes

 - Cypress tips and essential oil

 - Vetiver Roots and essential oil

 - Patchouli herb and essential oil

 - Fir and Cedar tips and powdered wood

 - Costus root



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