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Fauna - Fantasy Pheromone Blend

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Fauna ….A phantasy pheromone incense….

This is incense devoted to our beloved four legged ones...A scent like a furry mane in sunlight 

A blend inspired by the animals I love, soft and very warm with nutty sweet balsamic, pheromone-like notes. Fauna came out of a dream like a curious feral creature - And the moment I placed it on the heater I was in love. It is uniquely animalic  and comforting....Natural, light and amber/musk like. 

You know when you inhale the ruff of a beloved 4 legged basking in the sun and feel the scent rather than just smell it? That is what I was trying to capture in Fauna, not a musty or goaty odor, but the mysterious pheromones they share.

This blend soothes and opens the heart, and I like to think it will bring you a warm fuzzy, purring, incense experience. 

Fauna contains no Animal products except Bee Propolis which perfectly adds a sweet animalic note. 


Something happened when I combined these resins and woods and balsams, something so “Fauna”.

I hope you will enjoy the experience it as much I did the creation.


Fauna contains:

 - Kua Myrrh - that subtle, smooth and fascinatingly unusual resin from Soqotra, deep crimson

 - Golden Sweet Benzoin Almonds, the honey/vanilla of Incense

 - Palo Santo Resin - Rich and earthy, golden brown translucent resin

 - A  Mermade special blend of ground woods and herbs

- Costus Root -  a woody root that is a classic incense ingredient,  it brings dark deep notes of the shadowed earth

- Bee Propolis - Mellifera - A beautiful dark shining substance that carries its own sweet animalic healing, this came from Dan Riegler at Apothecary's Garden

- Liquidambar Orientalis- A Thick and honey-like balsam, adding a Floral/Spicey/Amber note

- Peru  Balsam - Thick chocolate brown balsam, with a sweet rich “smokey” cinnamon-like aroma

- Myrrh  - From Africa




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