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Temple Path - Agarwood, Forest & Eastern Aromatics


A mindful walk to a sacred place….

Agarwood, Green Frankincense, Hinoki , Cedar and Eastern Aromatics


A scent memory of Japan.... walking down a mossy path through an ancient Cedar Forest, filtered Sunlight touches the temple gates. The fragrance of traditional incense greets you, mingling with the green scent of the trees.


Temple Path is a rich pastille-like cake,  Each triangle is hand-formed and dusted with Agarwood, Sandalwood, and the lovely light scents of fine Japanese Agarwood Incense.  It is blended in a base of Royal GreenFrankincense, Cedar,  Granulated Japanese incense, and Hinoki.




Sultan’s select Green Frankincense

Mysore Grade A + Sandalwood

Granulated Offering Incense  - Kyanan-koh - Japan

(The ambrosial scent of cherished agarwood interacts with elements of sandalwood, clove, and camphor for a lively, mindful fragrance.)

Cedar tips and PO Cedar Essential oil

Hinoki Wood Essential oil








This price is for 13-16 triangles  (.75 oz.) nested in precious woods, forest notes, Agarwood,  and Sandalwood in an amber glass jar. Be sure to burn the ground woods, forest notes, and resins the triangles are nested in, they are deeply fragrant!


Heat at a medium (240) temperature on the Golden Lotus.



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