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"Faery Call" Book by Katlyn


A collage of Faery art and lore by Katlyn Breene (1997)

This book is a unique collection of the "Way of the Fay", only available at Mermade.
Katlyn shares her love of all things Faery.

A faery portal for those who know where to look....

- Saxon Faery Magick and Rituals
- History and Lore
- Traditions of the World
- Faery Correspondences and Theories
- Nature Spirits and Devas
- Loads of Art and Illustration
- Collected poetry and thoughts

"The path to Faery is unique for each soul who seeks -
It is not by Force nor will that we enter Faery,
But by being Aware...
Of every dancing movement,
The song in each sound,
The energy of each color,
The language of the scents and
Symbols of Earth.
In dreams, in art, in ancient lore,
Can portals be found."


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