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Desert Rain - Fresh Resins and Chaparral


In the desert, there is a special time when a unique scent permeates the air, bringing freshness and clean resinous healing. It is usually experienced at dawn as the morning mists roll across the landscape, or after a light cool desert rain. For it is the precious moisture that brings alive the smells of the desert heart plants, especially Chaparral, also known as Creosote.


I have such beautiful memories of these rare desert rains and misty dawns.  In the fall after all-night fire circles filled with drumming and dancing, as the sun rises, the morning mists roll in  -  this aroma envelopes us with a blessing and awakens our tired but elated bodies. 


Chaparral is a great plant ally here in the desert, the scent is enlivening. We make bundles of it to hang in the bath to bring back memories of the desert rains. 


I have always wanted to share this moment, so here is an incense blend very close to my heart.

It contains carefully wildcrafted desert plants, resins, and artisan essentials that capture the Desert Rain and bring it to you.




For more on Creosote see this great blog post from “Of sedge and salt”




Fresh  Chaparral (Creosote herb) (in flower)

Healing  Utah Juniper 

Copal Blanco 

Sal (pine resin) and Hougary Frankincense Resin

Homemade Chaparral tincture

Utah Juniper and Sagebrush Essential oil co-distilled in Sedona

White Sage and Desert sage

Pinon Pine

Aleppo Pine


1 oz. in an amber airtight jar

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