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Laha Extra- Premium Quality Powder - 2 oz


Premium Quality LAHA: (Litsaea glutinosa)This is an extra special laha from the layer of tree tissue in between the bark and the layers of the tree. Hand cleaned, piece by piece. Extraordinary.

Laha and Dar can be used just like Makko. For 'die-hard' Makko users, a mix of Laha or Dar and Makko can stretch the Makko, actually making it less expensive.

Just like Makko, Laha and Dar have water soluble adhesive properties (for use in making incense sticks and cones), an almost odorless characteristic that seems to be entirely lost when mixed and burned with other ingredients, and the ability to burn smoothly and evenly.

Our Laha and Dar is 'baby powder' fine; perfect for blending into your favorite incense recipe or using it to burn ingredients, as in an 'incense trail'.

The price is for 2 oz.

For instructions on how to burn "Incense Trails"  and create your own incense go to this excellent site ""

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