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Copal Blanco - 1.oz Bursera Bipinnata - On Sale!


On Sale!

We are once again blessed to be able to offer this classic spiritual incense resin. The traditional incense resin of the Americas. It is very different from the usual white or gold copals you find on the market which are small hard tears with little scent.

You know you have something special the moment you open the bag of this beautiful Blanco... it is so lovely and potent.  One of my all-time favorite scents. Works well on a heater or on burned gently on charcoal.

This Copal is less sticky than the other Copal Blanco, which makes it easier to work with in blends

 Incredibly sweet balsam minty/pine scent. 


For handling and breaking up Copal Blanco resins: 

- Put resin into a small freezer baggie 

- Freeze it overnight

 - While in the baggie, hit with hammer or mallet to break into small pieces

 To clean sticky hands (at kitchen sink) 

- Put a splash of vegetable oil in palm and rub between your hands briskly 

- Then apply a liquid hand soap or dish soap to oiled hands 

- Rub until you do not feel the stickiness anymore - Rinse with Warm water

This is the best way I have found so far and is gentle on hands:)

On Copal:

Traditionally used for purification ceremony and to honor the Sun. In Mexico it is burned on the Day of Dead to guide the ancestor spirits back to their loved ones. 

From the tropical Bursera genus of deciduous trees in South America comes the highly prized resin called copal blanco. The resin has a rich incense history with the Mayan, Inca and Aztec civilizations, each of which called the tree Copalquahuitl. The tree is closely related to the frankincense and myrrh trees.

The resin was considered a gift from the god of lightning, who passed his power on to the tree. The Mayans burned the resin at sunrise to honor the Sun. The holy book of the Mayans says the divine god of the earth extracted copal resin from the tree of life and gave it to humans as a gift, making it a heavenly sacred resin.

It comes in small to medium hunks and can easily be broken into smaller bits with a mallet.



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