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Agarwood - Premium Quality cultivated in Thailand


Very Fragrant Agarwood (Aloeswood/Aquilaria), Premium Quality cultivated in Thailand  - 7+ grams wrapped in Lokta paper

A lovely fragrant Aloeswood that is being harvested and grown sustainably. We like to support suppliers that are trying to cultivate this precious wood for future generations. 

It comes in a thin strip/ chip form that is easy to use, you can savor every wisp of delicate aroma.  Electric heaters and  Aromatic Vaporizers recommended and work very well for heating this precious wood. Also, these thin oil rich strips can simply be lit over a candle flame or lighter and smolder just enough to get that amazing and uplifting Agarwood scent and then go out. You get to experience every bit of this rare and precious incense wood.

We are offering this rare incense wood in a small affordable weight so everyone may enjoy this universally sacred incense. There is enough in 7 grams for many, many uses. The chips come wrapped in handmade Lokta paper from Nepal, the paper that is used in making incense. 

These are long thin Aloeswood chips selected for their size and fine quality. These chips are 3 to 5 inches long and are ideal for direct lighting to produce the agarwood aroma. Just light an end with a flame and gently shake or blow it out quickly. Repeat several times to generate the amount of aroma desired. The volatile compounds rise when burned so the fragrance is best after a few minutes when the aromatic compounds have had the chance to disperse down into the room. 

For the origins and influences of Agarwood see this article by Eric Hansen - "The Hidden History of Scented Wood"

This is what 7 grams looks like:



The essence of agarwood is due to complex compounds produced by the tree called sesquiterpenes and chromones. The type and quantity of the many diverse compounds in the resinous wood create the fragrance. These compounds are produced as a defense mechanism in the living tree to ward off a microbial attack and are developed only under very specific circumstances. New methods to cultivate agarwood in plantation grown trees stimulate these naturally occurring compounds. Normally produced in old growth trees and taking decades to accumulate, the resin can now be produced in young trees. Farmed trees in small plantations and home gardens are being used to produce the cultivated agarwood in the Scented Mountain Products. For more information on agarwood cultivation and projects to help the poor in developing countries of Asia see the University of Minnesota’s agarwood research project web page.

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