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Charcoal Instructions

Natural fragrant botanicals can be burned on special incense charcoal tablets or disks. The heat releases their beauty and aromatic properties.

For indoor 
use, we offer  Japanese Silver Coated Charcoal which contains no chemicals or additives. It is made from Bamboo or Willow and burns very cleanly. It does take longer to heat up. The charcoal we offer is very good quality, clean-burning and very fast to light. It is great for outdoor use or in ceremony when you need to have it heat quickly or light in a breeze. It contains a burning agent which makes it self igniting. It can have a slight odor while ignition occurs, but this passes quickly. I like to light my charcoal outside and then bring it into the house when possible.

To light any type of charcoal, use a lighter or a candle by your censer. Hold the tablet with tongs, pinchers, chopsticks or carefully with your fingers, over the flame until the edge begins to glow. The Golden type will emit sparks as they ignite. Then place the charcoal onto the ash, sand or prepared censer.

Always wait until the coal has a full coating of white ash on it before placing incense, this creates a cushion over
the intense heat of Coal. Wait at least 5 minutes, you will be glad you did, and receive
more of the beauty of the incense. 

After it is fully ignited and covered with ash, you may put the incense on a foil or directly on the live coal. 

Be sure to store your charcoal in an airtight container, or plastic bag when not in use. Moisture in the air can make the charcoal difficult to light.

For more see: Basic Method with Charcoal

Charcoal with foil

This article was published on Thursday 29 March 2012